Sprinter wire harness in the cargo area ceiling

Sprinter wire harness

Dealing with the wire harness in the cargo area ceiling in our 2015 Sprinter conversion has been a head scratcher. If you plan on putting up ceiling and or wall panels, the  wire harness is in the way. Since I did not have the heart to cut and splice the wire harness of my brand new vehicle, I had to come up with a better solution.

First we removed the plastic case you can see protecting the factory wire harness.

We temporarily relocated the wire so we could work on the wall framing, insulation and wiring.

We decided to use a strip of plywood along the ceiling to create a space for the wire harness. Notice the reflective insulation we used on the ceiling. It was a great deal and worked out great. The halogen work light we had running in the van made it pretty warm in there!

You can see the upholstered ceiling panel laying over the wood strip with the wire underneath.